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 Work-Life Balance and Corporate Wellness Services

Balancing Work, Life, and Relationships – Empowering You Every Step of the Way!



Victoria Bradford, Relationship Expert

Hi there! I'm Victoria but feel free to call me Coach Vee. As a corporate wellness specialist, my mission is to help you discover the strength and resilience within yourself to overcome workplace challenges and achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Often, we feel overwhelmed by stress and believe the solutions lie outside of ourselves, leading us on a frustrating journey of seeking answers.

Corporate Wellness Services


Mental Health Resources

Our Mental Health Resource Workshops provide corporate clients with essential tools and strategies to enhance employee well-being. Through engaging sessions, employees will learn effective techniques for maintaining mental wellness, encouraging a supportive work environment, and improving overall productivity.


Mindfulness and Meditation

Our Mindfulness and Meditation workshops offer corporate clients a pathway to enhanced employee well-being and productivity. These workshops teach practical techniques for reducing stress, increasing focus, and fostering a calm, balanced mindset. Through guided meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises, employees will learn how to stay present, improve emotional resilience, and create a more harmonious work environment.


Stress Management and Resilience

Our Stress Management and Resilience workshop equips corporate clients with essential tools to navigate challenges effectively. Through interactive sessions, participants learn practical strategies to identify and mitigate stressors, enhance emotional resilience, and maintain peak performance. This workshop cultivates a supportive workplace culture, empowering employees to thrive amidst pressure while promoting overall well-being and productivity.

Partner With Us

We're always on the lookout for partnerships with organizations, whether for consulting, resource provision, or speaking engagements. If you're eager to collaborate with M.I.C.S. by volunteering at our events, speaking at conferences, donating to our programs, or offering resources for our clients, members, and community groups, please click the link to email us, specifying your partnership type and business details.


Happy Clients

Nikki J.

Coach Vee and I met when I was feeling at a low place in my life. She has taken time to talk with me, uplift me and speak positivity into my life. She has given me a new outlook and I am forever changed. Words can not express how extremely grateful I am for her.

Chloe C.

Victoria's genuine concern for her clients shines through in her coaching. Unlike others who may prioritize profit, she focuses on uplifting individuals. She has a knack for turning challenges into opportunities, guiding you towards your next steps with optimism and clarity.

Chanel B.

M.I.C.S offers excellent networking opportunities for coaches, whether new to the field or seasoned professionals, seeking to develop and grow their businesses.

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