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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

Victoria Bradford Mindful Intentions Coaching Services


Victoria Bradford,

Relationship Expert

Hi there! I'm Victoria but feel free to call me Coach Vee. As a corporate wellness specialist, my mission is to help you discover the strength and resilience within yourself to overcome workplace challenges and achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Often, we feel overwhelmed by stress and believe the solutions lie outside of ourselves, leading us on a frustrating journey of seeking answers.

My approach is centered on guiding you to uncover the answers within yourself because true empowerment lies within YOU! Together, we explore your unique qualities and talents, harnessing them to create a path toward personal and professional well-being. Through personalized one-on-one and group coaching sessions, as well as engaging events, workshops, and conferences, I provide opportunities for you to develop balance, enhance your wellness, and thrive in your career.


Love, Accountability, Community

It's not just about what you do, but how you approach it. Every action and interaction holds the power to shape your journey, either propelling you forward or potentially hindering your progress. In my coaching practice, I operate from a place of genuine love and compassion, encouraging a supportive environment where you feel both seen and respected.

I believe in delivering honest guidance with love, recognizing that genuine assistance stems from a foundation of empathy and understanding.

Accountability serves as the cornerstone of our work together, providing the structure needed to achieve your goals and navigate life's transitions.

Together, we rely on the strength of our community to weather life's storms, leaning on one another for support and inspiration. Through shared experiences and collective victories, we uplift and encourage each other to keep moving forward.

Each day, my commitment is to empower you with the tools and discernment necessary to navigate life's unexpected challenges with grace and resilience.

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